Monday, February 8, 2010

The Story of India

I am watching 6 parts series by Michael Wood named "The Story of India".

It took me some time to get used to his way of narrating Indian history. Instead of showing only old buildings, temple and monuments, he shows people and raw India as it exists today for a traveler and try to correlates it with ancient world while narrating the history of India. Many a times, he just want to show images of India without any specific context as well since the movie is made for American and European audience. Once you get used to the fact, that he is trying to correlate old ancient world with the current world, you start enjoying it.

The interesting aspect of the series is that he try to correlate it other civilization(and migration) and don't mind going out of India to show important pieces of our history. The time line of our history is fascinating.

I don't know how the history is taught in today's schools in India, but I don't remember studying Indian history correlated with world's history. When you correlate your own history with the surrounding, you get more complete picture of your own existence, tradition, religion and culture.

Another positive aspect of the series is history of south India which run differently than history of north India in most part. History of south India is mostly ignored in history books (at least what I remember from our school books) and without it, history of modern India is incomplete.

Probably many of you might not have correlated the disappearance of Indus valley civilization with recent climate debate. Throughout the human history, civilizations moved, changed or disappeared for many reasons, and climate change was most important until recently.

Last 2 episodes were less impressive as recent history is more or less known, and I was expecting to get more information from the British side. but nevertheless, it was an interesting watch.

I will recommend it to watch to everyone to understand Indian history if you have any chance of getting the DVD. I got it from local public library so it should be widely available.


Mankutimma said...

On a related note :

L said...

True we are never taught south indian history. Secondly, we know nothing of our aborginal people. That is the manin reason we are so insensitive to their problems...we build a dam and chase them out of their habitations and never spare a thought.

Ranga said...

That's a coincidence. I finished watching Part 1 of The Story of India yesterday. I found it beautiful and quite different from other documentaries. It did not stick to mere glorification of monuments nor did it stick to the poverty in India.

Bohemian Tithi said...

India is really a great place for traveling !
I am a hobbyist traveler and I keep interest in watching documentaries on history of different countries and nations. Hope to collect the DVD.

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