Friday, August 7, 2009

Attracting Talent: Ramanujam Fellowship

Brain drain from India to developed world is a serious phenomenon. Reasons are many fold which I will not go into detail in this post. I read it somewhere which I can not find anymore, that there are more Indian scientist working in United States than Indian scientists in India. Science in India is in dire state and is seriously is in need for more scientist to improve the quality and quantity of scientific research in India. On the other hand there are scientist who wish to go back but don't know what to expect and where to start. There need to be many fold efforts to bring back Indian scientist from abroad.

Ramanujam Fellowship seems to be one such step in right direction. It may attract even the established people who want to work in India for a short time. There are more such short and long term options needed for people who are still undecided and thinking about their future. This may be best bet for India to be competitive in the world of scientific research.

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