Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adoption in America

I met this couple last year in one of the local play ground. They were in their late 50s, very successful academics in their respective field and they were with 2 year old twin boys. They were bit older to be a natural parents of kids and also boys had darker complexion same like most Indians have as compare to the white complexion of the couple. My first assumption was that probably they are the grand parent of the children. In university campus, it is very common to see mixed race families. But as I came to know them little better gradually, it turned out that the kids were adopted children of this couple and were Incas (South American native residents) who have similar looks and complexion like we Indians. Since then I have seen them on regularly basis and always admired their wish and ability to adopt children at their advance age.

America may be responsible to world's all evils as per popular propaganda, but I have seen many positive sides of Americans as well. The part of America where I live is somewhat better educated and is ready to give back to the world. Adoption from poor families from different part of the world is one of them. I have seen many adopted children in the neighborhood in past 3 years. I know couple of Indian girls who are adopted to American families. These girls are getting education in best private school as well as learning Bharatnatyam. Their adoptive parents are going all the length to provide some glimpse of the culture to these children of their country of birth. This quality is at least appreciable and I wish more and more orphan children get home in the family who are loving and nurturing and who are trying their best to provide rich experience to these children.

Coming back to the couple where we started this story, I recently saw them with another 3 month old daughter. They were beaming with happiness on the new addition in the their family. Boys were also very possessive of their sister and was coming to see what she is doing again and again taking time away from play in the sand-box. There may be many negative issues associated with adoption in general, but it is important to highlight and raise positive aspects of adoptions more.

Finally, as per this book adoption affects 60% of Americans. Well, that's a big number by any standard. It at least seem so looking at my neighborhood. May this phenomenon continue to spread everywhere as we need more and more such parents in this world to help spread positiveness of life.

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