Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knowing the world around

Sometime back I posted reading suggestions for 4-5 year old. This list was based on what my daughter and we liked to read on regular basis. I thought I will continue to post similar suggestions as she grows, but lately things have been more complicated. As she is growing, her interest is also changing.

Most of the books for young kids are animal based and convey interesting ideas. The very fact that most of these animal based stories are made up and not real started to trouble her lately and she wants to know what story is real and what is not. She now knows that animals can not talk and these very stories with animals are probably confusing for her age. Lately she wants real life books (whatever it means for 5 & 1/2 year old).

Also, she has access to very good library at her school and brings books whatever attracts her. Therefore, instead of making another list of books for 5-6 years old, I will write about some interesting books which we read recently.

During Christmas time, all she wanted is to have a bunny as a pet and asked her librarian to find a book about rabbits for her. She told the librarian that she don't want a story book with bunny, but a real book about bunny. And she got a very nice and interesting book titled: Rabbits today: A complete authoritative guide. This was an interesting book about history of rabbit's domestication, different breeds and how to care for pet in home. This was very helpful when we had her class bunny visiting us for the vacation.

Another interesting book she recently brought is Gargoyles, Girders & Glass Homes. This books is very interesting account of famous architects behind some of the world famous buildings and structures. These monuments are triumph to human history and reading about it makes an interesting enriching experiences not only for a 5 year old child but for anyone who cares about human endeavor. I highly recommend to it read if possible.

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