Friday, July 17, 2009

Feynmann and his Charisma

Every physics student at some point of time gets in love with Richard Feynman and his lecture series on Physics. Here is a good news for Feynman fans, Microsoft has launched the video series of messenger lectures series online with the new research website Project Tuva free for public to enjoy the beauty of physics being told beautifully. You will need to install Microsoft's new browser silverlight though in order to watch these videos. Go enjoy it!


captainjohann said...

Physics and enjoyment. It is only for bottle glass spectacles!!!! I hated especially the physical chemistry though i studied Chemistry which i used to love.

Rainbow Scientist said...


I would advise you to read some books on physics if you are interested. You can start with popular physics books which has no mathematics and are quite interesting to read. Now when you don't have to worry about your grades, you might actually enjoy science which you hated as a student.