Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are we promoting rote learning in Indian education system?

I know we have the problem of mass education and there is probably no better way to deal with a big amount of population, but still...

This is the question for today: Are we promoting rote learning over the scholarly one in Indian education system?

With all the marks based examination system, entrance exams which decide the fate of the student, and parents who get paranoid with their child's marks even at the age of 5, are we promoting rot learning? Are we encouraging memorizing over real learning? Are we missing other important survival skills for a child during the early developmental stage and only focused on his/her capacity of memorizing the facts? Are we missing the stage during schooling where we can teach our children how to solve a problem instead of how to memorize the solution of a problem? What are the consequences?

Is there a better way to select students for a professional programs such as B Tech, MBA, MBBS, BE, and so on... ?

In any of the professions such as doctor, engineer or manager, once you are there, your memory will serve you not better then any other skill which is needed to be a successful professional. The combination of other qualities such as innovation, thinking, intuitiveness, energy, hard-work, dedication to the profession, confidence and decision-making skill will make you a successful professional. any thoughts? I welcome all of your opinions on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Rainbow Scientist,

All agreed, but ain't it rote?

Txs & Rgds

Yestee Antony

Rainbow Scientist said...

Thanks, Yestee. I corrected the typo.