Thursday, May 21, 2009

Indian acedemic world of state university and colleges

There are some Indian academic blogs out there (its easy to find them in google), but most of them are from elite institutes such as IITs and IISc, and there is no voice from state universities and colleges. A big amount of academic activities in India happens in these places, and not in elite institutes. Only small fraction of students and faculty go to elite institutes.

I follow three Indian newspapers daily, The Times of India, The Indian Express and Hindustan Times, and some local Hindi newspapers regularly, and really surprised that number of articles or some meaningful discussion about our higher education are pretty small. My previous colleagues and friends from the college complain and show frustrations about the system but never come out openly to discuss.

so my question is why there is such low level of engagement of state university and college faculties in the new and the old media? what could be reasons?

1. General public has too many other problems and don't care about status of higher education and its place (I don't believe this, I know people who fondly remember their college days and care about what is happening there).

2. The state level higher education system in India is tightly govt controlled and there is no place for any discussion when all decisions are taken by bureaucrats. (completely believable, I know the places where bureaucrat decides the course syllabus where they have no authority)

3. The system is very close, we are not open for discussion because we can not take any criticism even constructive one. (more believable)

3. University and college teachers are generally happy with their good salary and hardly cares about anything else. (again not completely believable although I know professors who are too involved with local politics, but again the system of tight government control is too blame for such a dire state of our state universities and colleges)

4. There is not enough exposure for our university and college professors to see the different learning places in the world and argue and demand for the best environment. (I think it is reasonable argument)

5. Use of internet is still not widespread in smaller Indian Universities and also the power of internet is not fully realized (more believable)

Am I missing something here, are there blogs or sites there where some useful discussion on Indian Higher Education and Research going on?

and dear readers from state universities and colleges, I would like to provide you with a medium to discuss about your environments.

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